Startups-Investors Pitching Session

Golden Tulip|12th October 2018

Sahara Sparks investor pitching session is part of the main event happening in day two of the events where finalists startups get a chance to pitch their startups to the investors and potential future partners. The event is open for the attendees of the main event. You don't need to register.

B2B Dinner

Seedspace|12th October 2018

Sahara Sparks B2B dinner is part of the main event happening in day two of the events where startups get a chance to network, learn and share their business journey with the investors and potential future partners. The event is open for the selcted startups, investors and business people. You don't need to register.

Design Workshop.

Fondation Botnar|Golden Tulip|12th October 2018

Part of Fondation Botnar 2018 Challenge Prize, Sahara Sparks will co-organize with Creaholic a Design Workshop for selected semi finalist of the challenge. The selected team will work with real users of their solutions to help them improve the solution through a design thinking process. winners of the Challenge Prize will get chance to attend and potentially showcase during World Summit AI and Sahara Sparks 2018 events. Register here.

Robotics Workshop.

Robotech Labs|Sahara Accelerator|10th October 2018

A workshop for kids above 10 years old and individuals passionate about Robotics. Build and program robots with complete robotics engineering systems and readily available resources. Using sensors,motors,controllers etc to make robots. The session is open and free. Register here.

Sahara Sparks Header_File.

Sahara Data Lab|09th October 2018

The header file is a technical event bringing together technology enthusiasts with industry expert on the topic of interest. The event ussually explore trending technologies and how they are affecting the overall technology ecosystem. For 2018 event, the focus will be on Artifical Intelligence. Register here.

Startups Drill.

Sahara Accelerator|08th October 2018

Final preparation for finalist startups presenting on Sahara Sparks 2018 main stage. Revieweing the pitchdecks and making them investor ready. The activity will be geared to help the finalists not to miss any crucial component of their investor decks. The activity is part of Sahara Sparks investor sessions. It is a closed event for few selected startups.

Mapping Silicon Dar.

Data Lab|06th October 2018

Slowly part of Bagamoyo Road between Bamaga and Morocco junction is becoming the technology district of Dar es Salaam, “Silicon Dar”, with all the major telecom companies and startups establishing their offices in the area. With other key stakeholders located in the area this makes the case even more interesting. This activity will about exploring the area and mapping the stakeholders. Register here.

Accelerate Week.

Sahara Accelerator|01st-05th October 2018

A week long startup drilling for post revenue startups that would like to present during Sahara Sparks event. The accelerate week goal is toidentify quality startups with proven business models and strong teams that are looking to raise fund. These startup teams will meet with experts to help them become investor ready. If you run a post revenue startup and you fill you are qualifying for this programme. Register here.

College Outreach.

Sahara Accelerator|17th-28th September 2018

Sahara Sparks College Outreach programme targets university and college students who are running their own early stage ventures or are aspiring to become; entrepreneurs, technology experts or young innovators. The outreach programme conducting information sessions for Sahara Sparks and inviting students to attend the side and main events of Sahara Sparks. Do you want us to visit your campus? Register here.

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